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Food & Health expert
Holistic nutritionist
Nutritional scientist

Hella Van Laer
OKONO is supporting the fight we battle together: we urgently need products that are ready to eat, tasty and of course healthy.
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Co-founder KPNI Belgium
Orthomolecular therapist

Wouter Vanhuysse
OKONO Keto Bar is the only bar that not only tastes great, but also gives me instant energy without noticing a dip afterwards. Zero impact on the blood sugar level!
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Athlete - volleyball
Captain Red Dragons

Sam Deroo
The best is yet to come. The products of OKONO get me energized and ready to make it happen in a healthy way!
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Head of service center of obesitas Hospital RZ Tienen

Joost Vankeirsbilck
Surgery is not the solution in tackling obesity. A change of lifestyle is a must. Healthy food is indispensable on this journey.
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Isabelle François
Isabelle switched to a ketogenic diet, resulting in the disappearance of her blood sugar level dips.

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