Keto menu for the holidays


The perfect keto menu for the holidaysKeto menu for the holidays

The holidays, a period of joy, presents and having fun with family or friends. But for many, it's also a time of eating great food. However, people who live a different lifestyle are often not taken into account and they often sit at the table with home-made dishes or an empty stomach.


At OKONO we want to give you unforgettable holidays without compromising on good food!

Discover our perfect keto-friendly menu for the holidays here.

You'll find following recipes:

  • Cheese Crackers
  • Stuffed Tomatoes
  • Stuffed Chicken
  • Chocolate Balls

Enjoy the holidays!

We didn't do this alone ofcourse 

Meet our chef and ambassador Natalie
Natalie van den Broeck

Natalie van den Broeck perhaps better known as our OKONO ambassador on instagram, prepared all these recipes in this free ebook. So enjoy cooking!