OKONO who, what, where?

We are super excited that you are reading our very first post, with many more to come! You might be wondering: how did I get here? Who or what is OKONO? Why should I keep reading?

We hope that OKONO will become your new favourite food brand. We provide your lifestyle with healthy snacks that are keto-friendly, sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and soy-free. And most important; they have an amazing taste.

Who are we?

OKONO is derived from the Japanese ‘Okonau’ which means ‘to perform’. Our high-quality products are designed to support your performance throughout the day and facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

We strongly believe that no matter what diet or lifestyle you are following you should not compromise on the taste of what you eat. That is why OKONO combines the convenience of applying to a lot of different lifestyles together with high-quality ingredients which result in bringing back that moment of indulgence.

What do we sell?

Today our range exists of 10 different products, but by the time you might be reading this, we might already have some new products. We have a big roadmap for the future with new launches – so fasten your seatbelt and keep following us.

Today we offer five different kinds of chocolates, thee different types of granolas, a fantastic Stone Age bread mix and of course the Keto essential MCT oil. 

If you want to check out our products, take a look here in our webshop.

We are all about transparency on what is inside our products, the use of high-quality ingredients and the essential no-brainer: a great taste. So if you ever try out our food, make sure to give us some feedback, post it on social media and don’t forget to tag us @okonofoods!

Are you ready to join our OKONO movement? We are!

With keto love, 

The OKONO team

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