Keto breakfast tips

Starting the day off in the right way with a keto-proof breakfast is always a good idea. With these keto-proof breakfast tips, you can start the day right with some healthy fats—your first victory of the day.

Our top favourite keto breakfasts:

Keto granola with some Greek yoghurt

Very important: look at what is inside your yoghurt. Even if you believe there is no sugar into your yoghurt, it doesn’t hurt to double-check. We prefer Greek yoghurt that is high in healthy fats and contains less than 0.5g of sugar on 100gr. For the granola you have two options: make some homemade granola from nuts and seeds, or check out our OKONO-range of granola as well to see if one of our flavours fits your taste.

Eggs: Omelet

So simple and with soo many options and variations - everybody has their favourite ways of cooking it. For us, it’s all about the “extras”: treat yourself well and add some bacon or salmon, or if you are vegan: a good piece of avocado. Don’t be afraid to make it a little greasy. We like it fatty.

“Bullet proof” coffee

You are maybe not the type of person that wants to eat in the morning, or you are doing intermittent fasting? Then a simple coffee with a twist will seal the deal. Make your coffee as you would typically make it, add a spoon of MCT-oil and a little bit of butter. Blend it nicely together. This will make you feel energized and saturated for a long time.

Keto bread with toppings

Just want to have something with a bite in the morning, or you miss your bread? We understand. It's easy to make your own keto bread with pure nuts and seeds. You can easily finish it off with your favourite toppings: ham, cheese or whatever comes to mind that is keto.

With keto love, 

The OKONO team

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