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Free guide to a keto friendly summer - [DUTCH]Free e-book OKONO zomert

Don't waste your summer eating 'boring' stuff. Learn to enjoy it while on keto with our free e-book. Enjoy your summer without giving in on good food,vibes & times. This ebook includes:

  • Interviews with keto experts
  • Cocktails & mocktails
  • 10 myths about keto
  • A summer planner

And a lot more!

We didn't do this alone ofcourse - meet our experts

Natalie's adventureNatalie van den Broeck

Natalie van den Broeck perhaps better known as our OKONO ambassador on instagram, reveals her adventure. What obstacles did she overcome and how did she do it? Are you going to be like her?




Patrick’s storyPatrick Druyts

Patrick was sent a questionnaire by us. After answering all the questions, the story behind him and his ketogenic existence became a little clearer. Read on and find out all about him.




Aurélie’s planAurélie Caron

Aurélie Caron, a certified nutrition advisor, talks about her struggles with sugars and gluten. Her plan is to help other people who have the same "problem" or who are just curious about a sugar- and gluten-free life. Something for you too?