Why do you focus so much on the ingredients?

We are very passionate about reducing sugar intake and the use of clean and qualitative natural and non-processed ingredients. Most of the food we eat everyday is filled with sugars and junk our body does not need but OKONO provides you with products that are free from hidden added sugars or artificial sweeteners and free from lactose, soy, emulsifiers, or additives. 


Why do you use erythritol?

Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol (polyol), used as a sweetener for food additives or sugar substitute. We use it in our chocolate bars and granola because erythritol is very keto-friendly. When consumed it does not have any glycemic effect: it does not affect blood sugar and does not kick you out of ketosis.


Are your keto chocolate bars vegan/vegetarian?

Yes, our bars are vegan.


Are your products free of gluten?

Yes - our chocolate and granola are glutenfree.


What's the origin of the cacao used in the keto chocolate bars?

Our chocolate bars are made from cocoa beans from Ecuador, probably the home of the best chocolate in the world. Chocolate tasters would say the aroma of Ecuador's cacao is more complex because Arriba beans vary hugely in taste and size according to the area in which they are grown. Their aroma is very floral, and the cacao mass is high in healthy fats. Our chocolate partner produces every bar by hand, with love and care. 


What is net carb, and how do I calculate it?

The difference between total carbs and net carbs is that total carbs include all the different types of carb in a food or meal. These include starches, dietary fiber, and sugars. Net carbs, on the other hand, only include carbs that the body can absorb and fully digest into glucose. The EU nutritional value on food labels indicates total carbohydrates already without the fibers. In order to calculate net carbs you deduct the sugar alcohols (polyols - Erythritol) from the total carbs.


When will my order ship?

We are extremely proud of our quick delivery timings. Orders placed on weekdays (Monday to Friday) before 22:00 will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after 22:00 will be shipped the next day, except on Fridays. Orders placed on Fridays after 22:00, and on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) will be shipped the following Monday. 


How long will it take to receive my order?

It usually takes 2 business days for domestic orders (within Belgium) to arrive. That’s what we need to tell you. But off the record: normally we surprise you, and you have your order the next day if the postal services play their game correctly. Outside Belgium the delivery time can vary.


Do you ship internationally? How much does it cost?

We deliver our products anywhere in the world. Right to your front door. The shipping costs will always depend on your address.  We calculate the fee automatically at the checkout page. Be aware that for some countries outside Europe, additional import taxes may apply.


What is your return policy?

We try to make your life easy. For all returns, contact our support team (info@okono.eu) no later than seven (7) days after receipt of your order. Add detailed evidence in attachment of why you want to return the goods. This applies for incorrect orders (for instance if you ordered a certain flavour but received another) or damaged deliveries. Whatever the reason: we will work out a solution that works for you.


What if my package is lost?

Imagine the unimaginable, but stuff can happen. If your package is lost, please contact our support team (info@okono.eu) with your name and order number and we will locate your package.  


What's keto?

Keto, short for Ketogenic lifestyle, promotes a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate nutritional pattern. This will allow your body to be fueled by greater amounts of healthy fats rather than carbs. Before starting on this journey we always advice to do a good deal of reading. There are plenty of keto resources available on the web – a good starting point is this: