Advisory Board

We care about providing you with the best quality products and service possible.
We also care about building a sustainable business with a purpose.

That is why we created an advisory board that helps and guides us with their expertise. All of our members are specialists and professionals in their fields of expertise: health, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

We are thankful for their support.

Hella Van Laer

Food & Health expert
Holistic nutritionist

"Despite our beautiful intentions and despite the fact that our mind tells us to eat healthier, this is not easy in the long - or even short - term. In my book “diEET anders” (Lannoo) I explain the factors influencing our eating behavior. OKONO is already supporting the fight we battle together: we urgently need really healthy products that are ready to eat, tasty and of course healthy. The granola from OKONO ticks all the boxes on all of these criterica"

Isabelle François is a bio-engineer with a passion for health and healthcare and with a soft spot for science. As director of Health House, Isabelle combines these two passions and deals with technological innovations on a daily basis, which is a nice bonus for a Bio-engineer. As a passionate runner Isabelle has a conscious focus on nutrition and the impact on physical performance. A couple of months ago, Isabelle switched to a ketogenic diet, resulting in the disappearance of her blood sugar dips.

Isabelle Francois

Managing Director - Health House

Véronique Bockstal

Founder - outgrow / Weathless & More
Lecturer & researcher - UCLL

With her own food start-up, Wheatless & More (now sold), Véronique wanted to give consumers with food allergies and intolerances the opportunity to eat healthy, tasty and varied. At the time of her business start-up most of the allergen-free products on the shelves were full of salt, sugar, fats, additives and preservatives to give them flavor and structure.

"Surgery is not an end point in tackling obesity, but a new start. A change of life style is a must. Healthy food is indispensable on this journey."

Joost Vankeirsbilck

Head of service center of obesitas
Hospital RZ Tienen

Louise Kloster

Senior Vice President Marketing - Adform

"KETO is a lifestyle choice. Eating less sugar is a lifestyle choice. I was fascinated by Luka's vision from the very first time I heard about the project and wanted to support this young entrepreneur through my experience of more than 20 years in marketing. The choice of a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to miss out on great food and treats. The first step to a healthier world is quality products available for the normal consumer."

"Some years ago, I started to believe that I could have more control over my body and mind.  Keto helped me do that with its simple principles. As a society, I also started to see that we have a massive issue with a programmed sugar addiction that is totally out of control, with obesity rates going up to unprecedented levels. I am incredibly proud I can mentor my son Luka who took the idea to build an honest keto lifestyle brand that helps consumers on their journey to a quality life within the guidelines they set for themselves"

Marc Bresseel

Founding Partner
Duval Union

Sofie Van Steenberghe

Certified keto coach
Founder Keto Coaching Belgium

"The keto lifestyle is a healthy way of eating and living, it is a way of life that allows you to take back control over your weight and health, and to manage your health proactively. I can only support an initiative such as OKONO and I look forward to the next steps to ensure that everybody realizes that healthy food and a good lifestyle are the best choices for good health in the long-term."