OKONO x Klejman2

At OKONO, healthy eating is a top priority. Our mission is to reduce sugar consumption and have a positive impact on your performance level and energy level. After all, stable blood sugar levels are key to a healthy body and mind!

OKONO has partnered with Klejman2, because they too are committed to the transparent use of natural and unprocessed products without compromising on taste.

Klejman2 also available at OKONO

Klejman2's products are now also available at OKONO. Click here for an overview of the assortment. Klejman2 makes artisanal and natural superfoods that are deliciously crunchy, sour and fresh. Since the fermented vegetables are not pasteurized, the vegetables are packed with lactic acid bacteria that boost your immunity.

About Klejman2

Marta and Joanna are sisters, dietitians and ... fermentistas. They became the latter after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fybromyalgia. After countless treatments, the two sisters found the key to a healthy life back in their childhood.

Each year, the entire family fermented hundreds of pounds of cabbage into deliciously fresh, crisp sauerkraut. With this beneficial family tradition in mind, the sisters started fermenting raw vegetables again to boost their health.

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