Start 2 Keto with us

Want to start 2022 in a healthy way?
We are here to help you!

Ready to conquer 2022?

At OKONO we want to help you with a very special Start2Keto Offer with all the OKONO products to help you get back on track or kick-off your keto lifestyle. 

We have made a special box that is available for a limited time only! Click here to find out more.

Fun fact: did you know that our products are 100% keto-friendly, vegan, gluten-free and made of only natural ingredients?

What to expect when ordering this special deal? A full box of keto love: a mixed flavours box of 10 keto chocolate bars, three different keto granola flavours, a bread mix and a bottle of pure MCT oil.

This bundel contains:

1x Variety box chocolate - 2 bars of each flavor.

1x No nuts, no glory granola -

1x Cocao Power granola

1x Golden Dream granola

1x Stone Age Breadmix

1x Pure MCT oil

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