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Granola No Nuts, No Glory – Pure Nuts & Seeds

Granola No Nuts, No Glory – Pure Nuts & Seeds

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  • Low sugars
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  • No impact on your bloodsugar level and all natural


Our No Nuts, No Glory granola (300g) is a harmonious combination of pecan nuts, brazil nuts, almonds, and seeds, a hint of cinnamon comfort, and crunchy coconut freshness.

A daily serving of 30g No Nuts, No Glory granola contains only 2,7g of net carbs.

  • Crunchy and slowly roasted nuts and seeds.
  • No added sugars.
  • Rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals.
  • Handmade with love in Belgium.


Coconut flakes, Brazil nuts, Peanuts, Almond Flakes, Pecan nuts (43%), Sunflower seeds, Flaxseed, Pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds (42,3%), Coconut oil, Sweetener: Erythritol, Cinnamon, Ginger powder, Sea salt.

Nutritional value

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  • Brazil nuts

    Rich in selenium, essential for a healthy thyroid and immune system.

  • Pecan nuts

    High in unsaturated fats and contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals.

  • Cinnamon

    Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Chia seeds

    Rich in micronutrients such as calcium and magnesium beneficial for digestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much granola can I eat?

It is recommended to eat 30g of our granola per portion.

Does your granola contain gluten?

All of our products are free of gluten, soy, lactose and additives.

How do you ensure it remains low in carbs while still being flavorful?

To ensure our granola remains low in carbs we avoid using high-carb ingredients like oats and only use natural sweeteners that have no impact on your blood sugar level. Additionally, incorporating healthy fats from sources like coconut oil can help provide a satiated feeling.

Does your granola contain a lot of sugar?

We do not add any sugar or hidden sugars to our granola. We only use Stevia and Erythritol, natural sweeteners that have no impact on your blood sugar level. Depending on the flavor, our granola contains a maximum of 2,4g sugar per 100g granola.