2021 New year resolutions: OKONO Start2Keto offer!

A new fresh start and new year resolutions. Did you know that eating healthy or changing your lifestyle is among the top 3 most chosen resolutions overall? Every time we say “it’s now or never”, but year after year we keep going back to old habits, forgetting our goals and then start blaming ourselves. How many of us have tried to go keto to lose weight before? And when it finally took off that one bag of chips ended your keto journey. You felt frustrated, lost hope, and gave up on your lifestyle.

This year you deserve better! I’m sure we can all agree 2020 was a nightmare. Let’s make a fresh start, and let’s do it the right way. You can do this. Our small pieces of advice:

Be consistent. Staying consistent with the ketogenic diet is the only way it will work for you. Most of us underreport how much carbs we have taken. Most of us, in general, consume more than we think we have. Don’t let it slip or you end up out of ketosis without you even realizing.

Be mild. Take your time, lower your carbs gradually.

Eat enough fat, protein and fibres. Keeping track of your macros and intake helps you better understand your food patterns.

Nothing is a failure until you give up. When needed, bounce back, and look at it from a self-love perspective. Because you deserve it.

At OKONO we want to help you with a very special Start2Keto Offer with all the OKONO products to help you get back on track or kick-off your keto lifestyle. A full box of keto love: a mixed flavours box of 10 keto chocolate bars, three different keto granola flavours, a bread mix and a bottle of pure MCT oil. All at a significantly reduced price of 82 EUR and with free shipping offered.

The Start2Keto Offer is exclusively sold on www.okono.eu for four weeks till the end of January.

Good luck! And a very happy new year from the OKONO team. To a great 2021.



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