New Granola Packaging

As a lot of you might already have noticed we have optimized our packaging so it lies more in line with what we offer. At OKONO we always try to improve our service and products to keep moving forward. So to keep moving forward we improved our packaging, find out what we have changed and why.

OKONO Keto Granola Golden Dream New Packaging

Improved Durability

We improved the durability of our packaging

The carton we use now is twice as thick as before, resulting in a more durable packaging so your order will always arrive in perfect condition. This way we are certain our packaging equals the quality of what's inside the box. We want to keep providing you the best quality possible so the packaging is the first step to insure this quality.

OKONO Keto Granola golden Dream Backside

More eco-friendly

As we work with 100% natural products at OKONO we really prioritise and value sustainability. This is why from now on we have the official FSC logo on our packaging, meaning it guarantees our packaging is sourced from sustainably managed forests. This way we want to take a first step into a more eco-friendly future of OKONO and support right forrest management.

Our packaging is also made from recycled carton and can again be recycled for further recycling.

The use of the FSC label is strictly regulated and controlled. Want to know more about the FSC label? Take a look at their official website

OKONO Keto Granola - Golden Dream Frontside

Visually more appealing & transparant

As you know, we love transparency at OKONO and we took that pretty literally this time. You can now really see more of our granola in the box. We have also created a sticker like "logo" at the top of our packaging so everyone immediately sees our granola is 100% keto-friendly. 

Our USP's got a more prominent place so that you can easily see what our granola stands for. 

Do you notice our new logo? Take a look at the middle logo at the bottom of our packaging. "All natural ingredients" this has always been the case because we mainly use pure nuts and seeds but we now added an official logo for it.

Other than that nothing has changed and we have kept the same taste & recipe for our granola. So, enjoy your favourite granola even more now!

What do you think of our new packaging?

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