What is the keto diet?

The “keto-diet” stands for a ketogenic diet. In short, it consists of a very low-carb, high healthy fat intake. By avoiding eating carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, sugar, and so on, your body will look for alternative ways of fueling your body and brain. After a few days, the diet change makes you go in a metabolic state called ketosis.

When your body is in ketosis, your liver will produce ketones that can break down fats and use those as your primary energy source. So by eating more fats, you give your body the chance of breaking them down and burn them for energy.  And also: lose weight...

The keto-diet is mainly known for its diet aspect. Still, for more and more consumers, it becomes a lifestyle approach because it comes with many other benefits: less hunger, consistent supply of energy throughout the day, feeling more energized, but also calmer and focused.

On top of all the benefits mentioned above, you are also able to enjoy some healthy fats without feeling guilty. So yes, some eggs and bacon in the morning do not hurt you. Who wouldn’t like that, right?!

At the end of our FAQ page, we refer to some resources that you might consider to understand better how to start and what to take into account when starting on your Keto journey.

Enjoy your journey! 


With keto love, 

The OKONO team


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