Burrata toast

Burrata Toast with OKONO bread mix, tomato's and burrata


  • OKONO Breadmix (+ 4 eggs, 50 ml olive oil, pinch of salt)
  • Olive oil (look at the tips)
  • 1 Burrata (± 150g)
  • 150g cherry tomatoes
  • Handful of cress
  • Fresh or dried oregano


  • You can replace the burrata with mozzarella, goat cheese or feta cheese. Be aware that the last two have a more intense flavor and that they are less creamy than mozzarella or burrata. It’s up to you…
  • You can choose many other different fresh green herbs… Basil will also be a good match!
  • Use an olive oil of good quality. There’s a lot of bad quality products on the market and it would be a shame to buy something of low quality if you want to offer your body some high-quality fats. Choose unrefined olive oil (extra vierge, vergine or vierge) that is also cold-pressed and unfiltered.
  • You can also serve the toast as a snack.


  1. Bake your OKONO bread according to the instructions on the packaging. Let is cool before slicing.
  2. Take your burrata out of its packaging and let it drain for a moment.
  3. Take an oven dish and put the cherry tomatoes in it. Cover generously with olive oil and season with pepper, salt and oregano.
  4. Place the oven dish into the oven for 15 minutes at 180°C.
  5. Cut the bread and cover every piece with a bit of burrata, roasted tomatoes and finish with a bit of cress. Season with pepper and salt.
  6. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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