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As a nutritional scientist with my own business practice, I am professionally engaged every day in guiding and directing people in the healthy direction as best I can. (Our eating behaviour is quite complex. Therefore, I think it's extremely important that the recommendations are correct and that they are also feasible). Since I am an experience expert myself, I place extra importance on ensuring that my recommended food products are also completely accurate.

 OKONO Keto Granola's - No nuts no glory, Golden dream and Cocoa power

‘Eat like a king, lunch like a nobleman and dine like a beggar', who doesn't know this phrase. But how do you reconcile this with the popular intermittent fasting, for example? So perhaps even more important and relevant: what does the composition of that first meal of the day look like? For many people, this often determines the remainder of that day, regardless of whether that first meal occurs in the morning or earlier in the afternoon.

So what about OKONO?

I am personally a huge fan of the granolas from OKONO. They contain only quality ingredients with mainly healthy and nutritious fats. This way you avoid the conscious sugar rush and dip right from the first meal of the day. People who quickly experience a feeling of food dependency benefit greatly from that proper composition of macronutrients. Not only are these granolas extremely nutritious, they are also very tasty. I recommend these granolas to everyone in my practice.

OKONO Granola met koffie

It is a misconception that the OKONO granola is only interesting for people who follow a ketogenic diet. Everyone benefits from a breakfast or meal that does not cause a spike in blood glucose levels and is also filling and nutritious. This already greatly reduces the likelihood that people will go from one sugar- or starch-rich eating occasion to another throughout the rest of the day. Because an important other aspect: the reality is that many people have a sedentary lifestyle. So most people don't need that immediate energy from sugary or starchy products.

I often get asked in my practice which granolas from the supermarket are really healthy. You can of course prepare your granola yourself, but to be honest, I don't always have the time for this consistently either. Besides, a homemade granola is not always necessarily synonymous with healthy. It can still contain masses of quick sugars and also unhealthy fats.

People are often overwhelmed. And taking into account that yet mostly sedentary lifestyle of most of my clients, I then look for a granola with a focus on healthy fats and a minimum of carbs. These are nutritious, satiating and do not cause the famous sugar spike. For me as a dietician, the granola from OKONO is very convenient. It meets all the requirements.

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