What is Açai?

What is Açai - holy berryAçai is the superfood of the last few years, together with a few others it conquers many healthy hearts... But what is it exactly?

We looked for answers!

Get to know the açai berry

Açai berries are related to the well-known blueberries and cranberries. They usually grow on the other side of the world, in the Amazon forest for example, and are known for their healthy properties.

You have undoubtedly heard of the term "açai bowls". A bowl filled with what appears to be a smoothie topped with seeds and nuts, fruit and/or chocolate.
But what is this so-called smoothie? Well, often it is a mixture of açai berries with firm fruit (such as banana or mango) and yoghurt or fruit juice.
This is then topped with your own favorite toppings such as nuts and seeds, extra fruit or chocolate. You can go as far as you like.

Healthy properties?

We have just been talking about the healthy properties. We list the most interesting ones below.

1. High in antioxidants

The açai berry is full of antioxidants. In fact, this little berry contains twice as many antioxidants as its little brother, the blueberry. Among other things, antioxidants help the body function properly and protect cells from free radicals and cell damage.

2. High in omega fatty acids

The omega fatty acids in açai are one of the highest in fruit and even have more than avocados! This also creates the creamy texture of açai bowls.

3. Low Sugar

For people who want to limit their sugar intake, this is the ideal fruit. The berry is very low in natural sugars, especially in contrast to other fruits. Therefore, it is also very suitable for people who are insulin sensitive and want to maintain control.

4. Rich in fibre

The berry is very rich in fiber and 100g of açai even contains 25% of the daily recommended amount of fiber.

5. Complete

The açai berries contain all 19 amino acids that ensure that the body can function optimally.

6. Friend of everyone

The protein structure is similar to that of an egg. That is why they are so popular with vegetarians, vegans and sportsmen.

There has not yet been any intensive research into the side effects and effects of eating açai berries to list here.

What are possible effects, however, but what do not occur in everyone is:

  • Weight loss
  • Infection-fighting effects
  • Goes against the ageing process
  • Makes it easier to digest food

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