6 Myths about the keto lifestyle

6 myths about keto debunked

Everyone has heard something about keto. What you have heard is another story.
We debunk the 6 most common myths about keto for you.

1. Keto is a diet

    People often talk about a ketogenic diet, but we prefer to talk about the ketogenic lifestyle. Dieting usually focuses only on weight loss, whereas following the ketogenic lifestyle brings many other benefits besides weight loss.

    2. Keto is only good for losing weight

    As mentioned earlier, keto is very often seen as a way to lose weight. This is because during a normal diet, the sugars the body takes in are converted into energy, but the fat just piles up.
    With keto, no sugars are absorbed, so the body has to get its energy from the fats. This may therefore result in weight loss, but it also brings many other benefits. Other benefits include improved sleep, better concentration, etc...

    3. Keto reduces energy

    During the transition from your normal life to the ketogenic lifestyle, your body will need time to adjust. Where your body normally gets energy from sugars, it will now have to get energy from fats. This will be an adjustment both for you and for your body.

    When this transition period is over, many people report having more energy and even better concentration than before.

    4. Keto is bad for diabetics

    This is definitely a myth. First of all, diabetes is diabetes. What does this mean? Diabetics produce either no insulin or not enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels in balance. Because your sugar intake is kept to a minimum with the keto lifestyle, less (external) insulin is needed to keep blood sugar levels in balance. Studies show that the ketogenic lifestyle can therefore be very beneficial for diabetics.

    5. You can eat as much fat as you want

    Even though it is prescribed that 75% of your calories should be taken from fats, it is not recommended to eat any kind of fats. It is recommended that you eat mainly healthy fats. It is therefore always preferable to eat unsaturated fats rather than saturated fats. Unsaturated fats are pure and come, for example, from olive oil, avocados, fish... These are the favorite fats of real keto eaters.

    6. You can't drink alcohol anymore

    This is often a reason why people don't want to start the ketogenic lifestyle. Just like everything else, you can consume alcohol in moderation.
    Alcohol often contains hidden sugars, which is why we recommend -if you want to drink alcohol- to do so in its purest form. A skinny bitch is a perfect example. Sparkling water, vodka and lime juice; the perfect low-carb cocktail for the keto.

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