Eating out on a keto diet

How to stay in ketosis when going to a restaurant?

We’ve been waiting for it for a long time, but this summer you'll be able to go out to a restaurant again with your favorite company. If you have made good intentions during the first lockdown and have chosen to go through life as a ketogenic, you are undoubtedly facing a major challenge in your choice of keto-proof restaurants. We did some research on good, but above all tasty alternatives. Ready for a short trip?


We start our tour in Greece, the country where the sun always shines. Greek restaurants are perfect for your keto lifestyle. The dishes often contain many grilled meats and Greek salads are a must on the menu. A tzatziki (Greek yoghurt with garlic and cucumber) is also usually low in carbohydrates, making it the perfect dressing for Greek dishes.


For our next stop, we have to travel a little further. Say hi to India! At the Indian restaurant, you also have a lot of choice. Choose from one of the many chicken dishes: the Chicken Tandoori, chicken marinated in yoghurt and tomato sauce with delicious spices such as turmeric, cumin and coriander, is a well-known classic. The widespread use of vegetarianism in India is also a common thread in Indian cuisine.


The next country is a little closer to home: Morocco. Just like the Indian or Greek restaurants, Moroccan restaurants are 'easy keto'. Forget the couscous for now, but opt for the many grilled dishes with a Moroccan salad. If you are in a Moroccan restaurant, we recommend you order a Tagine. These contain stewed vegetables with fish or meat. Make sure there are no chickpeas in it.


If you go out to eat in a Japanese restaurant, you have options between different chicken dishes. You can easily replace rice with extra vegetables. Many of the dishes come with broth soup, so suitable for keto!

Of course, in the end, you decide where and what you will eat. We do not set guidelines, but we are happy to help you in the right direction!

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