Meet Natalie, our very own brand ambassador!

Natalie van den Broeck - OKONO ambassador - interview pictureWe would like to introduce you to Natalie van den Broeck: Our OKONO ambassador.

About a year ago she took the leap to a keto lifestyle. How did she start, how does she keep it up, but most of does her life look now?

Read on and get to know her!

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How did you hear about keto? What attracted you to it? Was the switch difficult?

"I had been working on healthy eating and 'how to get the best out of myself' for a long time. Then there was a book fair and I happened to see Julie Van Den Kerckhove's cookbooks and I thought 'Wow, that looks good! Lots of vegetables prepared in an original way... Perfect'. Then I looked into it, looked up a lot of information and talked to people who had experience in keto. Then finally on January 1st 'as a New Year's resolution' *laughs* I decided to start the keto lifestyle."

Is it hard to stick with?

"Corona actually made it a little easier to keep up. I cook a lot and I can choose what I want to eat. Normally you get invited to dinner and not everyone knows exactly what keto is or that you're doing it, and that makes it a bit harder. But during covid-19 dinners outside the personal bubble were not allowed, which made it a lot easier. We only eat at my friends' houses who know I'm following keto and they eat with me. But I have noticed that preparation is very important. If I can't check a menu for keto options or prepare a lunch to take to work, I have a harder time finding out  what to eat.”

This or that; the keto edition:

Chilli chocolate or white chocolate?

"White chocolate"

Real fries or keto fries?

"Real fries"

Avocado or smoked salmon?


Take-away or cook it yourself?

"Cook it myself"

In what way does OKONO fit into your life?

"I got to know OKONO in the very beginning of your existence. Luka contacted me about a Belgian keto start-up and I was stoked! He involved me in taste tests and asked for some information. Then, a few months later, he asked me if I wanted to become an ambassador of the brand, to which I of course happily said 'YES'!"

"OKONO stands for pleasure without guilt and without having to compromise on taste. You notice this in every bite. In terms of nutritional values, the products are perfectly worked out and therefore they fit perfectly into the ketogenic lifestyle. I can't stop eating them!”

Want to read more about Natalie's journey? In our free e-book you can find the full interview alongside more information, tips and tricks on how to go through summer during keto. Enjoy!

Make sure to follow Natalie on instagram here she gives a lot of tips and tricks to start your own keto journey.

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