What granola type are you?

Granola typeTake the test to find out what granola type you are.

Do you like to eat spicy food?

a. Yes, never enough spice right?
b. No, my stomach doesn't allow it.
c. Sometimes, if I really feel like it.

What describes you the best?

a. Adventurous, when I go on a holiday I definitely want to have tasted everything.
b. Give me normal, sometimes that's already crazy enough.
c. I dare to leave my comfort zone, but I prefer to eat what I already know.

What is your guilty pleasure?

a. I am not a sugary person, but chips and nuts on the other hand...
b. Actually I'd rather have a meal than sweets.
c. A piece of chocolate now and then makes my heart happy!

Which meal do you prefer?

a. Lunchtime! I like to take a little time for myself during the busy day. Just press pause and recharge myself for the rest of the day!
b. Breakfast! I love waking up with a nice granola bowl, topped with different but fun toppings.
c. Dessert, a nice sweet ending to the day!

Which sandwich filling is your favourite?

a. I like something savoury, or savoury and sweet combined.
b. I prefer cheese or ham, it's just a sandwich.
c. The sweeter the better, much chocolate or some jam, delicious!

Which starter do you choose?

a. Tasty cheese balls.
b. A carpaccio is always nice!
c. Rather no starter, but a delicious dessert!

Which profession would suit you best?

a. Running a keto sandwich shop. Tasty savoury compositions and making your own creations!
b. A greengrocer or a grocer. A much-needed profession that everyone needs!
c. A pastry shop. Then I can taste all the sweets!

What addiction do you have?

a. Salt.
b. Nuts.
c. Chocolate.

Mostly A marked?

Then you are a real lover of savoury dishes. You'd rather eat more of a savoury dish than leave room for a sweet dessert. You are also not afraid of a challenge and are always open to try something new. For this we have the perfect granola that will definitely suit you! Our Golden Dream Granola! A perfect balance between savoury and not too sweet, perfect to start your day or to use on your salads and soups during lunch break.

Bon appétit!

Mostly B marked?

Then our No Nuts, No Glory is definitely for you! You stick to the things you know and are a bit in between not too salty, not too sweet. You sometimes choose between starter or dessert, depending on how you feel at the time. Definitely try it out and let us know if we were right!


Mostly C marked?

Then you are a real chocolate and dessert lover. You always foresee a place or a hole so that an ice cream, a piece of pie or cake will always fit. Chocolate is your weak spot, but you don't mind that. For true chocolate lovers we have created the Cocoa Power. A subtle cocoa flavour that tastes deliciously pure. Perfect for a nice breakfast, finished off with grated chocolate, or for a tasty dessert or snack, finished off with even more chocolate.

Look here for a nice recipe!

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